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How to Create the Perfect Eyebrow

Creating the perfect eyebrow is something that is personal and depends on  individuals. There is no such thing as the one “perfect” eyebrow shape that fits all.

Eyebrows define your face. We could easily change our image just by manipulating the shape of our eyebrows. Finding the right shape for yourself will be the first thing to do.

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Basic Eyebrow Shaping technique


Tidy the eyebrows. We can shave, pluck or wax to create a more defined shape. There are also methods such as “threading” that originated in Asia to pluck the hair using a high-tensioned string and electrolysis that could be costly and involved some degree of pain.

Depending on the technique that we have chosen, we can do it ourselves at home with practice or it can be done by a professional in a salon. If it’s your first time reshaping your eyebrows then I would recommend going to a salon as it is important to shape it properly first, and then you could easily maintain it yourself at home afterwards.


Define the arch of the brows following the chart below.

eyebrow chart

eyebrow chart

Eyebrow should begin following the red dotted line.

The arch is determined by drawing an imaginary line from the tip of the nose connecting to the widest point of the eye (follow yellow dotted line).

The end of the eyebrow is determined by drawing an imaginary line from the edge of the nose to the end point of the eye (follow orange dotted line)


Find the right tools for yourself. There are variety of tools to reshape and redefine the eyebrows in the market such as pencil types, pomade or wax types in a pot, and also pressed powder types. If you have chosen to use the wax or pomade types, or the pressed powder type as the best tool for you, make sure to find the right brush to use it with.


Start by observing the growth of your natural hair and then fill in the empty areas in between those hair using small strokes following the direction of your natural hair growth. You could change the shape and look of the eyebrows by defining the width and length.

Some ethnic group would prefer to have a “flatter”, less arched eyebrows. While others would prefer a strong and high-arched eyebrows. You could decide for yourself which one is your ideal shape after a few different experiments.


Practice, practice and practice!

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Coloring the EYebrows

The color of our eyebrows also plays a big factor in redefining our face. There are a variety of methods available but in general they are divided into two categories such as permanent coloring and temporary coloring.

Permanent coloring such as eyebrow tinting to darken the natural eyebrow color can be done at home with a home-kit, or it can also be done in a salon by a professional. I would recommend going to a salon if you are tinting your eyebrows for the first time.

While tinting the eyebrow is to darken the eyebrow color, bleaching it on the other hand would lighten the color. Lightening the color of your eyebrow could open up your face. I would recommend bleaching to be done in a salon.

Tattooing is another method of permanently color the eyebrows. If done properly, you could forget about maintaining your eyebrows for weeks but please find a trusted professional for this. I have heard so many horror stories about eyebrow tattooing that range from infection to asymmetrical eyebrows hence I can not recommend this step.

Temporary coloring can easily be done using the colored eyebrow mascara that is readily available in the market and we can easily removed this temporary coloring using makeup remover.

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How to determine how dark or how light should it be?

In general, we should not modify the color of the eyebrows more than two shades darker or two shades lighter than our hair color.

For example, if we have a dark brown hair then we should lighten the eyebrow color to medium or light-medium brown, not blonde as it would be too light and it would create an unnatural image.

For blonde and lighter colored hair, we should darken the eyebrow color only to light brown or light-medium brown.



  1. Use a clear eyebrow gel or mascara that has the most similar color to your eyebrows to keep curly and unruly hair in place all day. You could even use hairspray lightly and spray it onto a disposable mascara wand then comb it through the eyebrows right away before it dries out. Your eyebrows will stay neat and tidy all day long.
  2. Use an eyebrow stencil if it is taking too long or too hard to keep your ideal eyebrow shape.


Products that I use

  1. Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil in the shade 04 and 06
  2. Etude House Drawing eyebrow in medium brown
  3. Viseart Structure Brow and Eyeshadow palette
  4. Laura Mercier Brow Definer in soft and warm brown
Eyebrow Products

Eyebrow Products that I use


Most of all be patient and enjoy the process of finding your “perfect” shape!

Have a great day!