Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

Smashbox Create and Transform Master Class Palette

Smashbox Create and Transform Master Class palette is the latest edition of the Master Class series that is released by the brand. It is a “transformer” palette. The idea behind this set is to create and transform the existing eyes, cheek and lip colours into multitudes of shades. I think this is an ingenious idea and trying to create different colours will be part of the fun. This set costs AUD $95 or USD $65 and it is a limited edition. It is available from MECCA stores  and online in Australia or Sephora in the USA.

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

This set contains four removable smaller palettes that can be taken out individually. It has sixteen Photo Op eyeshadows with six included are the transformer shades, six Be Legendary lipstick with three transformer lip shades, two powder blushes, two cheek transformers, one contour, one bronzer and one highlight shades.

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

The eyeshadows net weight is 10 x 0.28oz or 10 x 8g. Transformer’s net weight is 6 x 0.28oz or 6 x 8g. Lipstick and lipstick transformer’s net weight are 6 x 0.42oz or 6 x 12g. Powder blushes and cheek transformer’s net weight are 4 x 0.17oz or 4 x 4.8g. Contour, bronze and highlight net weights are 3 x 0.17oz or 4.8gThe set also includes professional makeup artists’ tips and tricks with some shade transforming tips.

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

The brand claims that there will be more than seventy six eyeshadow for us to discover using the transformer shades. More than eighteen lipstick shades that we can create using the lipstick transformer shades. And more than seven blush, contour and highlight options that we can experiment with.



These eyeshadows are velvety  to touch and they are better quality than what I expected. Out of the ten shades, only two (Plummy and Night Shoot) didn’t swatched well.

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

Eyeshadow Palette


  1. Vanilla is a matte cream beige that is perfect for base colour. It can be applied all over the lids to create the perfect canvas.
  2. Washed Out is a beautiful champagne shade with shimmer finish. It has buttery texture to it.
  3. Nude is a matte mid beige, a perfect crease colour.
  4. Hazelnut is a matte mid brown shade, perfect for deepening any colour and creating more depth. It can be used as well for underneath the eyes.
  5. Armor is a gorgeous silver grey with brown undertone with metallic finish.
  6. So spicy is a metallic orange-pink, it’s a perfect “pop” of colour for the centre of the eyelids.
  7. Tailfeather is a beautiful ocean blue with shimmer finish.
  8. Over Baked is a duo-chrome light purple-pink shade. Another perfect “pop” of colour for the eyelids.
  9. Plummy is a matte royal purple. It is a gorgeous shade but it didn’t swatched as well as the others. On application, it’s still workable.
  10. Night Shoot is a matte black that also didn’t swatched as well as the others. But I am still glad the they put a matte black shade in.

Contour/ Cheeks Colours

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

Contour/ Cheeks Palette

  1. Guava is a beautiful coral blush with warm undertone
  2. Rosy is a pink blush with a cool undertone
  3. Contour is the perfect contouring colour with cool undertone
  4. Bronze is a light terracotta shade with warm undertone
  5. Highlight is a banana shade that is perfect for medium to dark skin tones. For fair skin, this shade will be too dark for a highlight but it can be used for eyeshadow.

These powders are a delight to touch. It has velvety smooth texture and very buttery. Pigmentation is great and not powdery.


Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

Transformer Palette

  1. Bewitched is a gorgeous white shimmer shade.
  2. Dial up is an shimmer yellow shade.
  3. Filtered is an shimmer orange shade.
  4. Strange magic is a shimmer pink shade.
  5. Spectral is a shimmer ice blue shade.
  6. Amp it is an iridescent cool pink shade.
  7. Fuse Blown iridescent warm coral shade.

These transformer shades are the winner in terms of texture and their capability to transform any powder into a different shade is just superb.


Lipstick Shades

Smashbox Create and Transform Palette

Lipstick Palette

  1. Bankrolled is a dark grey cream (transformer).
  2. Double Take is an iridescent cool lilac cream (transformer)
  3. Fiery is an iridescent lilac cream (transformer)
  4. Audition is a nude shade with rose-brown undertone (Be Legendary lipstick).
  5. Red Rage is a bright red cream with cool undertone (Be Legendary lipstick).
  6. Witchy is a deep burgundy shade (Be Legendary lipstick).

The Be Legendary lipsticks are not as pigmented and a little sheer in comparison to the individual lipstick. The transformers however worked quite well and transform the shades nicely.

Overall, I am very pleased with this palette. It piqued my curiosity and spurred my creativity, as well as it is a fun palette to have. There are literally multiple shades that we could create using the transformer in this palette. And better yet, the transformer shades also worked with my other eyeshadows, blushes and lipstick! Fantastic!The eyeshadows stays put for well over six hours on my eyelids. The blush, contour, highlighter and bronzer stays on for about five hours on my skin.  For me, it was well worth the price.

Ease of Application      ♥♥♥♥♥

Texture                              ♥♥♥♥♥  

Longevity                         ♥♥♥♥

Pigment                            ♥♥♥♥

Packaging                        ♥♥♥♥♥