Your Heart is Your Sanctuary

Your Heart is Your Sanctuary

Do you agree with the statement that your heart is your sanctuary?

Sanctuary by definition means a safe haven and a refuge where we could find peace.

This safe haven is a peaceful place of refuge that I have learnt to create inside my heart, where I could safely retreat in solitude when needed. It is an intimate place where I rest and rejuvenate my thoughts, away from the noises of the world and the intrusion of others.

If you think of your heart’s sanctuary as a place of refuge, then you also need to know how to maintain its “cleanliness” and keeps it pure.

Read on if you wanted to know the steps in creating your own inner sanctuary!

Your Heart is Your Sanctuary

Your Heart is Your Sanctuary


I don’t know about you, but there were many times in my life that I felt anxiety rising up inside of me from the pressures and expectation of others, and even from myself to create the best version of “me”. As consequences, I would feel discouraged, discontented and depressed when I fell short of the world’s standard and the standard that I had set for myself.

No one is perfect. And yet, in one way or another, all of us is in the pursuit of our own unique definition of perfection in our lives. All of us strive to have a  better job, a better house, a better car and a better life! This life-long pilgrimage pursuit of perfection will become a constant plaque of fear, disappointment and discouragement if we don’t learn to be content with what we already have and to create an inner sanctuary in our hearts.

There was a time before I was saved and been born again as  Christian that I thought I could do everything that I wanted solely based on my own perseverance and abilities. I was brought up believing that I could do anything that I wanted as long as I would never give up and stayed focused on my future goal.

But, experience has proved me wrong. Although I had reached those goals that I have set up for myself, it was never enough. Looking back, there was a void in my heart that I tried to fill with things that did not really matter, until I had a taste of the true love that is unending, unyielding and undying; regardless of what I have done or what I will do.

Your Heart is Your Sanctuary

Your Heart is Your Sanctuary

The first step in creating your inner sanctuary is to acknowledge that we are deeply and fully loved by the The Almighty God who is the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, The Alpha and The Omega, who created heaven and earth at the beginning of time, who molds us into His own image and the one who sent His own begotten son to redeem us from our sins and raise him from the dead.

In my understanding, sin(s) can be interpreted into your own past mistakes that you tend to repeat knowingly or unknowingly, far from wise choices that you tend to make and all of the thoughts, feelings and actions that you have and do, that are not of love and peace.

When I acknowledged that God loves me and Jesus died on the cross to redeem me from my sins, it shifted my way of thinking and I was able to look at my life in a fresh perspective. God is our protection and source of strength.

“He is always ready to help us in times of trouble.
So we are not afraid when the earth quakes
    and the mountains fall into the sea.
We are not afraid when the seas become rough and dark
    and the mountains tremble.”Psalm 46:1-3 ERV, The Bible

Your Heart is Your Sanctuary

Your Heart is Your Sanctuary


Once you have acknowledge this first and most important factor, the second step would be to vigilantly guard you heart and your mind. You will have to be committed to fill your thoughts with the Words of God daily and to consciously filter which thoughts that will enter your mind and which thoughts to discard.

This process will include what you choose to listen and read from other people and the social media, internet, TV and radio; what books or magazines that you choose to read, what conversations that you choose to engage, what movies or shows that you choose to watch, what songs you choose to listen to, and the words that you choose to say and write to others.

If your heart is your sanctuary, it is absolutely worth it to put at least this much effort in guarding your heart and mind, don’t you think?

It was very hard for me to do this to begin with, as temptations pressed in from left, right and center; but I know that “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength”Philippians 4:13, The Bible. And this process of guarding your heart and mind is just like training your muscles, that you need to be committed and to discipline yourself in exercising it daily. Once this process has become your daily routine, your inner sanctuary will be kept pure and safely protected. And in it, you could find peace in times of need.

The question is, are you ready to transform your heart to become your sanctuary today?