Marc Jacobs The Night Owl

Marc Jacobs The Night Owl Review

Marc Jacobs The Night Owl is a Limited Edition for Holiday 2017 set of a full-sized Velvet Noir Mascara in Noir (Black), a deluxe-sized Petite Highliner Crayon in Blacquer (Black)  and a deluxe-sized Petite Magic Marc'er, which is a waterproof liquid eyeliner in Blaquer (Black). It is packaged beautifully in a Christmas bon-bon look-alike. The [...]

Makeup quick and easy

Makeup Step by Step Quick and Easy

In this blog, I am going to share my morning makeup application step by step in 10 minutes that is quick and easy. Hopefully you will find it easy to follow and practical. Makeup Step One Apply moisturizer that is suitable for your skin. I have a very dry and sensitive skin so I would apply [...]