How To Do Sunless Tanning

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How to do sunless tanning is the question that most people will ask when confronted with the risk of skin cancer but still wanting to have a beautiful sun-kissed and healthy looking skin.

Let me share what I have learned on how to achieve an even and smooth coverage when applying self-tanning lotion. Keep reading to learn how to make your own tanning lotion!


Exfoliate well before applying any tanning lotions. Even when we don’t have dry patches on the skin, it is still important to exfoliate as this step ensures a better and smoother application of the tanning lotion. It would be awful to find out that there are streaks of dark spots after the lotion is all settled and dry if we don’t prepare the skin properly.


Moisturise the skin thoroughly and rub it in until it is completely absorbed. A well moisturised skin will provide a better “canvas” for the tanning lotion to cling on.

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For an instant tanned complexion, mix equal ratio of facial moisturiser and liquid bronzer and then apply it on to the face focusing on one part at a time and blend well.

If you prefer using self-tanning lotion then make sure to start the tanning process at least one week in advance and apply it daily until gradually the desired natural-looking tanned complexion is achieved.

For face, bronzing powder is also a great option as it can create a healthy and radiant sun-kissed complexion in a matter of minutes! Please do not use bronzing powder for the rest of your body as it will just create a huge mess.


For the rest of the body, use the 2:1 ratio. Mix in two parts of self-tanning lotion with one part of body moisturiser and blend well. Apply to the rest of the body focusing on one area at a time. I usually do legs and arms first before moving on to the neck and decolletage.

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If you have dark spots, apply some vaseline (petroleum jelly) or thick moisturiser to prevent the pigment from the tanning lotion to darken those areas and create a more even and natural looking tan on the body.

Please remember not to apply too much tanning lotion as sometimes it can appear orange and unnatural. Generally, we can achieve one or two shades darker than our normal skin tone. No more than that.

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Before Sunless Tanning Application

Before Sunless Tanning Application


After Sunless Tanning Application

After Sunless Tanning Application


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We can still enjoy the sun sensibly by using sun block lotion at least with SPF 30+ UVA UVB protection and wear protective clothing like a sun hat to prevent skin cancer such as melanoma.

Hope you find these tips useful and enjoy your day!