How to be Beautiful

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

I am sure that you have heard this phrase before.  The meaning behind this phrase is that being beautiful is subjective and it is a matter of perception. And this concept applies to pretty much everything that we can visually explore, a few examples such as artworks, nature, landscapes, and most commonly our physical appearance.

The current worldly view expects more and more of us everyday. From our families and peers to strangers, there is a high expectation for us to be “perfect” and it encourages us in keeping up appearances.

Because being beautiful is subjective and it is a matter of perception, then how to be beautiful is actually not hard to do. What it takes is just a healthy mindset in accepting who we are and what we already have. Let’s embrace the traits that we have been blessed with and be comfortable in our own skin.

To be beautiful, we need to feel beautiful.

I encourage you to muster up courage to celebrate your uniqueness and celebrate the diversities of your physical appearances. Let’s train our mind to be content each day and honing our skills in finding beauty in everything that we see.

Do you know what is the biggest stumbling block in being beautiful? 

The answer is FEAR.

Fear creates insecurities and insecurities creates discontentment, which leads to envy, jealousy, anger, greed and lots of other things that is NOT beautiful!

For me, makeup is a platform that enables me to express myself and at the same time a tool to celebrate my individuality. Makeup does not define what beauty is but it is just a tool to enhance our natural God-given beauty. Someone may not wear makeup at all but if he or she is truly joyful, there’s a warm radiant that emanates from within that is absolutely beautiful!

Let’s embark on our own personal “to be beautiful” journey, embracing who we are amidst our limitations.