All About Foundation

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Foundation is one of the most basic product that we use in makeup application. But at the same time,  it is can be the most challenging thing to choose the right one that matches the skin tone perfectly.


Different foundation types that I use


Knowing your skin type  is the first step to choosing the right foundation

First, we need to choose the right foundation based on our skin type.

For oily skin, it is better to use oil-free and mineral powder foundation.

For dry skin, it is the best to use water based and moisturising liquid or cream foundation.

For normal skin, there are many choices to choose from. Any type of foundation will be fine as long as it is the right shade.

For combination skin, I would recommend a balancing water based foundation that will not clog the pores. Usually people with combination skin tend to have an oily T-zone and a drier cheek and chin areas. In this case, it is important to make sure that the T-zone is mattified, a mineral powder type  will also be suitable for this, and the rest of the face is using a moisturising one. Sometimes, using two separate foundation is required for combination skin.

Trying on before buying it

There is three general steps to ensure that the foundation matches the skin tone perfectly.

  1. Test three shades that you think will match your skin tone and swatch them on your jawline.
Finding the right foundation

Three different shades tested on jawline

2. The shade that “disappears ” on the skin is the perfect match.

Finding the right foundation

The shade that is swatched the closest to my chin is my perfect match.

3. If your face is a lot paler than the rest of your body, then choose a shade in between the face and body. We don’t want to have a completely different shades for the body and face. The shade that we chose should be a balance reflection of our skin in general. Not just the face or just the body.

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Tips: It is always the best to ask for a sample of the shade that you think match your skin before purchasing it. Since most lighting in the stores is artificial, it is important to wear it under natural lighting. The type of lighting can greatly affect how our eyes perceive the shade, which can make it look completely different to what we have in mind.