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Is It Important to Powder?

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“Is it important to powder?”

This question popped up in my head quite a bit, especially in the beginning of my makeup encounter. As I have dry skin, sometimes I feel that powder caused my foundation to “crack” and it accentuates my fine lines and imperfections, not to mention creating dry patches to be more visible. But, if I don’t powder my face, my makeup would not last all day when I needed it to and sometimes the foundation or concealer are not set properly.

After many trials and error, I found out that the condition of our natural skin determines what type of products that can be used, and whether it is important to powder or not, at a given time.

When the skin feels tight and parched right after waking up in the morning and even after our morning skincare routine, it means that the skin is in need of extra moisturisation throughout the day. The cream-type makeup products would be best on these kind of days as they give the extra care that the skin needed.

Cream-type makeup products such as cream or liquid foundation, cream blush and cream eyeshadow are generally more moisturising and nourishing to the skin. These type of products will not be suitable for someone with oily skin as it can be more greasy and causing the color to transfer or even smudge easily. A little dusting of powder will be sufficient to just properly set the makeup products to last all day long.

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When the skin feels great and “normal”  in the morning after skincare routine, it simply means that there’s adequate moisture retained in the skin and extra care is not needed. On days like these, cream-type products is too rich and can cause greasiness and smudging if worn. Powder-based makeup products will be the best on days like these and only a little is needed just to set the concealer underneath the eyes, as concealer usually comes in liquid or cream form. There is no need to powder elsewhere as we already use the powder type makeup products that is sufficient to combat the natural production of sebum. We can always reapply throughout the day or touch-up when it is needed.

During summer time when our sebum production is higher than normal as our body is trying to “cool” itself down, the use of mineral foundation is recommended. It is derived from natural elements in the nature to provide coverage and most mineral powder in the market is infused with some degree of sun protection (SPF) properties.

Products that I use

  1. BareMinerals the original SPF foundation in Golden Medium (W20) in the summer BareMinerals Original
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish
  3. Hourglass Ambient finishing powder in Diffused Light and Dim Light (from the Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3)Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 Palette
  4. RCMA No-Color PowderRCMA No-Color Powder
  5. Guerlain Meteorites PearlsGuerlain Meteorites Pearls
  6. Skin Food Peach Sake Finish PowderSkin Food Peach Sake Finish Powder

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