Love The Skin You Are In

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Loving the skin you’re in begins by finding out the type of skin that you have.

I know there are some of you that have normal skin, which is absolutely  wonderful! There are myriad of products in the market that is perfect for you and majority of the makeup products will suit you as well.

For most of us that have a specific type such as oily, dry or combination skin will need to educate ourselves a little more to determine which skincare or makeup products that will suit us best.

Let’s have a look at the characteristics below to find out which type that you have.


It can be caused by sebaceous glands (oil glands) that goes on an overdrive mode because of  stress, lack of water consumption, sleep deprivation, medication, too much alcohol consumption or too much caffeine (poor diet) in that matter and climate change.


  1. Skin blemishes or acne
  2. Oily or shiny T-zone
  3. Enlarged pores
  4. Coarse and thick skin
  5. Sallow complexion
  6. Some uneven pigmentation

How to love Oily skin?

  1. Use gel cleansers
  2. Use gentle exfoliant with alpha hydroxy or salicylic acid and focus on the T-zone (oily areas).
  3. Use dermatologist recommended exfoliant that contains glycolic acid which is a stronger exfoliator than most if you have acne.
  4. Use special care skincare products that deep cleanse the pores regularly (once a week will be sufficient) as oily skin attract dirt more and need extra care and treatment. Do not use this more than twice a week as it could aggravate the overdrive sebaceous glands further hence creating more oil.
  5. Use oil-control sheets throughout the day.
  6. More importantly sleep well, drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food  can regulate the oil naturally. Eat food that is rich in vitamin E, B2 and B6. Some herbs such as sage, peppermint and comfrey can help pacify the overstimulated oil glands and hence control the oil production.
  7. Use mattifying primer before applying foundation.
  8. Use oil-free makeup products and powder as necessary throughout the day.

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This type lacks sebum or moisture or both. Moisture evaporates from the cells into the atmosphere and cause dryness. It is a condition that is more common to people in the mid thirties and over as our body ages the sebaceous gland is producing less sebum (oil) that acts as our natural moisturiser.


  1. Small pores
  2. Skin feeling tight
  3. Coarse and thin texture
  4. Some degree of sensitivity is present
  5. Could result in premature ageing (wrinkle and fine lines around the eyes, neck and mouth)
  6. Uneven pigmentation and dry patches are present
  7. Milia (whiteheads) are present around the eye and cheek areas.

How to love dry skin?

  1. Use a mild cream cleanser
  2. Very important to exfoliate regularly, once or twice a week. Focus on areas with dry patches. This process will remove the dead cells and renew the skin. Do not use coarse exfoliator or strong chemical peel as this will cause sensitivity.
  3. Use hydrating and nourishing mask at once a week to boost suppleness and elasticity.
  4. Use moisturising creams that contains hyaluronic acid to increase moisture right after shower or bath. As the steam from the warm shower or bath enlarge the pores, moisturising creams will be easily absorbed and retained. For extremely dry skin, use barrier creams that seals in moisture.
  5. Use sleeping packs that helps moisturising and nourishing the skin during  sleep time.
  6. Use cream or liquid makeup products that has moisturising properties.
  7. Eat food that contains essential fatty acids such as flax oil, sunflower and  pumpkin seeds, walnuts and soy beans.. These nutrient is vital to improve moisturisation from within.

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Loving my dry and sensitive skin



This type is quite common. Some part of the skin is oily while the others maybe normal or dry.


  1. Enlarged pores and oily around T-zone areas only
  2. Some dry patches maybe present
  3. The texture is thick and coarse around the oily areas but thin in other areas.
  4. Breakouts and enlarged pores on the skin.
  5. Uneven pigmentation
  6. Sallow complexion in the oily areas and some sensitivity or redness maybe present in the dry areas.
  7. There maybe blemishes in the oily areas whereas milia and broken capillaries maybe present in the dry areas.

How to love combination skin?

  1. Use combination of products that cater for the oily parts and the normal or dry parts.
  2. Use special care products such as clay mask to remove impurities and blackheads in the T-zone , while applying rich and moisturising creams to the dry areas.
  3. Be patient in completing the separate skincare routine for the different areas.

Hopefully you will find this article helpful and four more days to Christmas!

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