The Perfect Gift

Christmas is finally here!!

Families and friends are firing up their BBQ stoves and roasting some delicious meals in parks and backyards around Melbourne today. The weather is just perfect for it and I could hear Christmas carols being played on television or being sung by people who are celebrating this festive season. Besides all of these, Christmas is also the season of gifting. But, what is the perfect gift?

Let me ask you a question to find an answer to this; what is the perfect gift for you?

For me, the perfect gift is LOVE.

Yes, as cheesy as it sounds, it is the perfect gift for me. And I would imagine it is the perfect gift for many people as well. It’s not that I don’t enjoy receiving tangible gifts, please don’t get me wrong but materialistic things could break or stolen in a moment. Love in other hands, it can not be stolen or be broken and it keeps our heart warm as well as keeping us grounded.

True love chooses to LOVE despite circumstances and True love chooses to LOVE without any expectations. True love chooses to LOVE in the midst of betrayal and True love chooses to trust and not keeping records of wrongdoings. True LOVE always protects.

Christmas is all about being with your families and friends. Spending TIME with your loved one is the most important thing to do at Christmas. We get together, enjoy some good food and wonderful companionship, share a laughter or two or lots of it, eat more good food and enjoy our time together, these are part of giving and receiving love.

Time is fleeting as the wind blows but love is eternal. The love that we share with people surrounds us and the love that we received from our beloved ones stay in our heart and it transcends time. Hence, LOVE is The Perfect Gift.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!