Bridal Makeup Chapter One

Bridal makeup is one of the most important thing to consider when you are getting married. A great bridal makeup will enhance your God-given features beautifully and the camera will be able to capture better image, hence creating good quality photos as mementos for the years to come.

There are a few things that need to be considered when choosing the “right” bridal makeup for yourself. This article will look into the different styles of bridal makeup. It will be the first out of the three articles that will discuss different aspects for bridal makeup that you need to think about before deciding on the “right” one.

Bridal makeup

Makeup Style Number One : Natural

The natural look is one of the most popular style for bridal makeup. Many brides-to-be wanted to be beautifully made up but still looking naturally like  themselves. The focus of this style of makeup will be predominantly on the eyes.


When you requested this look for your wedding day, the makeup artist in charge will be mostly accentuating your eyes as “the eyes are the window of the soul”.

The eyeshadow colours used will generally be subdued and understated, mostly natural earthy tones. These colours are just there to enhance to look of your natural eyes. False lashes with natural styles will be used instead of the dramatic ones. Eyeliner and mascara will be used sparingly, just enough to emphasis your eyes. There will be minimal shading or contouring involved.


The blush used will be mostly the colour that is the closest of your natural flush, usually with a matte finish as this particular finish will create the most natural look. Bronzer and highlighter will be used sparingly just enough to accentuate your cheekbones.


Natural colors such as dusty rose and pink coral lip colours will be applied with a little clear or pink gloss on top just to enhance the look of the lips.

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Makeup Style Number Two: Sophisticated and elegant

This look is focusing on a more defined eyes and lips.


The eyeshadow colours used for this look will be a little deeper but still natural and mostly earthy tones. There will be more shading or contouring involved to accentuate and defined the eyes further in comparison to the natural look. A deeper and more prominent eyeliner styles such as the “cat-eye” or the “winged” eyeliner look can be applied. A variety of false lashes’ styles can be chosen, from a more natural ones or even a more dramatic ones. A few coats of mascara will be applied to define the eyes further.


A natural or a nude blush will be used to create this look. As the cheek is not the main focus, a less prominent color is preferred. There will be minimal use of bronzer and highlighter as well.


The sophisticated look boasts on a fuller and accentuated lips with sometimes bold lip colours. Lip liner is used first to defined the lips and then a variety of lip colours can be selected, from the nude and pink-browns to burgundy-red shades. Sometimes makeup artist used two or even three different lip colours to create more depth and dimension. A transparent or pink-nude gloss is then applied on top.

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Makeup Style number three: Glamorous

This particular makeup style will be focusing on a flawless look, accentuated eyes and a more defined lips.


The eyeshadow colours used for this look will be more bold such as the jewel tones, silver, bronze and gold. The smokey eyes technique and a great deal of shading and contouring to accentuate and define the eyes will be applied.

Eyeliner styles will also be bold to create an even more defined eyes and a few coats of mascaras will be applied. More dramatic eyelashes can be chosen for this look and sometimes be applied for top and bottom lashes.


Similar to the sophisticated style, a less prominent blush colour will be chosen just enough to add some color to the cheeks. The difference will be in the amount bronzing and contouring involved, more will be applied to create the glamorous look.


Brides can choose from nude lip colours to bright red and deeper burgundy shades for this look. The only thing that matters is to create a balance of colours between the eyes and the lips. If bold and colourful eyeshadow was used on the eyes then a more nude and subdued lip colour will be preferred. On the other hand, if the colour selection chosen for the eyes were not so bold and more on the understated glamour chic then a bright red or more of a statement lip colour can be chosen.

Hopefully this article will help you in choosing your “right” style of bridal makeup and find out how important is it to choose the “right time” of the day for your wedding in Bridal Makeup Chapter Two tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

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