Bridal Makeup Chapter Two

In Bridal Makeup Chapter Two, let’s talk about timing!

How important is it to choose the “right” time of the day for your wedding day?

Choosing a particular time of the day to get married may seem unimportant. I know when I got married, I didn’t think much about which time of the day was the best to get married. My decision was solely based on the availability of the venue. But now looking back, I wished I had someone to tell me that choosing the right time to get married is very important, especially when there are lots of photos involved!


The Morning bride

In the morning, the sunlight is quite soft and may appear more in the cooler side but not harsh. Makeup application should be more in the natural side, and soft dewy finish is preferred. Minimal makeup is enough to produce great photos and usually morning weddings are held outdoor. Photos and portraits most likely will be taken outdoor under the morning light as well. Most photographer will take advantage of the natural morning light to take photos rather than relying on artificial lighting, even when photos are taken indoor.

This time of the day will be best for those with normal skin that have naturally more even skin tone. Full coverage makeup is not recommended under the morning sun since it would appear unnatural in the photos because of the morning light is softer.

Hence, if you have oily skin or combination skin with the tendency to break out, this time of the day is NOT for you. Blemishes and imperfection that can not be covered lightly with concealer will show up in the photos taken under the morning sun.

Dust powder lightly across the face, just enough to set the light foundation and concealer. We don’t want them to go “cakey” from too much powder application that the camera will pick up on.

Natural earthy tones eyeshadow is preferred since bold colours will accentuate any harsh lines even when it is blended nicely and we don’t want these bold colours to be the focus in the photos. Always choose natural colours that will make your eyes stand out and accentuate the eyes naturally  with eyeliner, false lashes and mascara.

Most colour will appear slightly darker in the photograph in comparison to in reality, hence choose lighter and softer colours for the eyes, cheeks and lips.

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The Midday Bride

The midday sun can cast shadows on our face since the sun is directly above our head. If you are planning to have a midday wedding ceremony, indoor photo taking is preferred since lighting can be more “controlled”. The midday natural light can be more difficult to deal with.

When you are having a midday wedding, make sure that the foundation is MATTE with no sheen whatsoever since the midday light is the most difficult to take great photographs. Any slight sheen on the face will appear in the photograph as if the face is greasy or oily. Apply minimal matte foundation and concealer just enough to cover imperfection and not too much, with light dusting of powder. Too much foundation will affect the photos greatly as well.

Make sure that shimmer eyeshadow is used only to highlight and brighten the inner corner of the eyes as well as underneath the eyes to combat the shadows created by the midday sun. Keep the rest of the eyeshadow matte.

Use minimal eyeliner, just along the “tight line” which is the in-between gaps along the eyelashes with a few coats of mascara and use natural style false lashes.

Choose stain type blushes with matte finish, e.g. BENEFIT tints, to create a more natural looking flush that will appear beautifully in the photos.

Makeup application should be blended well as the midday sunlight will pick up on the smallest imperfection and any harsh lines.


THe late afternoon bride

The late afternoon sun is the most preferred time for photographs and makeup will look best in this warm golden sunlight as it gives a healthy radiant glow to any complexions.

Makeup application can be a little more bold with jewel toned colours if preferred. As the lighting is beautiful and warm, it is more forgiving to any harsh lines and imperfections as well.

This is the choice of time that most brides will go for as it can “hide” imperfection and naturally blur lines. If needed, full coverage foundation and concealer can be worn. A little more dusting of powder to set the makeup can also be worn. Although a matte finish is the best option for photographs, a  more dewy finish will still seem soft and natural in the photos that are  taken in the late afternoon.

Eyeshadow can be deeper and more colourful. A more dramatic look with smokey eyes can also be chosen in this lighting.

A brighter and deeper blush colour is recommended. As the evening comes, the photographer will need to use flash and some artificial lighting, which can “wash out” any colour from the face making us look very pale, hence we need to combat this by wearing more colours on the cheeks. Contouring or shading and bronzing is also recommended as it will help in shaping our face and give better definition for the photos. There are plenty of colour choices for the late afternoon lighting, either matte or shimmer finish will be fine.

If you like red and burgundy shade for your lip colour, this is the time to wear it! The natural light will balance the contrast in the photos and your lip colour will not seem to be too intense.

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The evening bride

In the evening as the sun has set, photographers will have to rely on flash and artificial lighting that can “wash out” colours from the face making it look more pale. This is the perfect time to fully use makeup to overcome the artificial lighting to produce better photos.

Full coverage foundation and concealer can be worn if needed. Do NOT choose foundation with any SPF in it as the particles will reflect the flash when photographed, making our face look paler than what it supposed to be.

Don’t be afraid to layer more bronzer to create a healthy glow. Contouring or shading will benefit the brides in adding dimension to the face  and “sculpt” it better for the photos.

Brides can use more shimmer eyeshadows with richer and bolder colours in combination with matte eyeshadows. A more dramatic false lashes with a few coats of mascara can be worn. Brides can choose the “cat-eye or winged” eyeliner look as well.

Make sure to use deeper and brighter blush shade and define lips with lip pencil first before using any type of lip colours. Glamorous look is the way to go in the evening. The only thing to remember is to wear more nude and light pink lip colours when having smokey eyes. As smokey eyes with dark lips can be too much for a wedding look.

That’s it for today and tomorrow we will explore the choice of hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day or DIY bridal makeup which can save lots of money in chapter three of the bridal makeup series. Hope you find this article useful and enjoy your day!