New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year everyone! A brand new year is ahead of us and for me, it is time to make another new year’s resolution. You will find out what is my new year’s resolution if you read on…….

As I look back to the past events in 2017, there had been laughter and sorrow as well as life’s trials and tribulation and triumphant moments in the different aspects of my life.

There were many people whom added some colours that imbued my life, which I had the privilege of getting to know. And some of those people had become cherished friends as we continue to forge our journey together sharing the ups and downs of life.


“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca


This is one of the many profound quotes that I keep close to my heart. How wonderful it would be to have someone who truly understood us? 

In this vast world of vanity where friendship may equates itself with “friends with benefits” and hidden agendas, finding a true friend would be more valuable than gold!

New Year's Resolution

How do we “find” a true friend? 

As with any other relationships, we start a friendship by getting to know a stranger. To be able to truly get to know someone, we need to open our heart and make allowance for disagreement and misunderstandings as well as an endless capacity to forgive

These are not easy to do but if we keep a clear mind, grounding ourselves in the knowledge that everyone is unique with their own intricate personalities and traits, which includes ourselves and nobody is perfect, then it is not an impossible thing to do. And once we come into this realisation, we have taken the first step in finding a true friend.

Forgiveness however, is a learned skill that we need to continue to hone. It is always a conscious decision to forgive and it is not an easy one. I suppose it is not human’s natural tendency to forgive and this skill needs time to mature and it may take a lifetime to master.

Friendship without forgiveness is like cooking without salt. It may seem as a sumptuous dish but it lacks something so essential that it will deter our wish to eat it at all!

If we are serious in finding a true friend, we need to be seriously practising forgiveness.

So, what is my new year’s resolution you ask?

It is to increase my capacity to forgive.


How was 2017 for you?

What is your New Year’s Resolution? (AU)